Who Are You?

2013-10-19 Alpaca - 350

Just an FYI to those who give fake information to the real estate websites – when you actually request more information there is no way for the agent (me) to get it to you. I understand not wanting to give out your deets, but you have to realize that there are consequences. The other day I got an inquiry via the Hartford Courant HomeFinder site about one of our listings. Brandon was interested in learning

Are You Real or Not?

I usually receive anywhere from 50 to 100 non-spam emails a day to my work account. These emails are from clients, other agents, and sometimes potential clients. The potential client emails come in two formats, directly from a person to my email address or through a real estate website like Realtor.com, Zillow, etc. to my email address. Emails that come from a person directly to my account are usually from “real” people. By “real” I