January Contracts: Typical Pace

2015-02-04 Hartford County Single Family Contracts in January 2015

The 515 single-family contracts observed in Hartford County this January put the market in line with recent history. There were 519 deals that came together last January, and 544 the year before that. A new year always feels like a fresh start. For us as agents, it’s a clean slate and fun to get back to work after the holiday season. Buyers also seem more engaged in January, even if they are hoping to make

December Contracts: The Finish Line

2015-01-07 Hartford County Single Family Contracts in December 2014

Hartford County home sales finished 2014 with 429 single-family contracts in December, representing an 8.1% increase over December of 2013. The final month of the year is consistently the least active, and this year was no exception, but the contract count was the highest yet in the real estate market’s continuing recovery. Activity in the Hartford County single-family market was down 1.6% for the whole year compared to 2013. Monthly contract counts were more erratic

Winter: For Reals

2015-01-04 Winter

Today is sort of messy, but we’re about to have a blast of real winter. The local forecast calls for lows close to zero on Wednesday night of this week. Highs on Thursday are only expected to make it up to the teens. That’s some seriously cold weather for Greater Hartford. Take a minute to make sure your home is ready. Check your heating oil level and call for a fill up if needed. Double

February Contracts: Wait For It…

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in February 2014

There were 509 single-family contracts that came together in Hartford County in February of 2014. This is slightly fewer than last month, and slightly more than February of last year. Like February of 2013, the winter weather influenced the real estate market. This time it was a couple snow storms and severe cold. Sellers have been reluctant to list their homes for sale, for a couple reasons. They worry that the it’s not quite spring,

Changing the Light Bulbs


I have learned a secret for changing the light bulbs in those huge chandeliers that hang over the grand stairway of big houses. All you have to do is install a winch directly above the fixture and wire the light with a plug. You can then disconnect the electrical and gently lower it down to a comfortable level to replace the bulbs, or to clean it. Here is an example of such a system from