Closing Issues

Here are a couple of quick tips in order to avoid potential issues at closing.

If you know you’ve found the home you’d like to purchase, before you leave the property, make sure you go over the Inclusion and Exclusion sheet. If there are items that you would like included that aren’t spelled out on the I/E sheet, make sure they are written into your purchase and sale agreement. No one likes to go through the final walkthrough and expect to see the fireplace andirons there, only to realize they were removed by the seller because they weren’t included in the sale.

Also, when you go to your final walk through, make sure your agent brings a digital camera. If there are items still left in the house, or if the house is not in broom clean condition, or some other type of issue exists, a photo will speak a thousand words at the closing table. The issue will be easier resolved if everyone can see the exact problem.