The Incurables

I recently received showing feedback for one of my sellers. The buyer didn’t like the layout of the house. All I could conclude from the feedback was that the buyer didn’t like that very typical house style. There was nothing my seller could do to improve this objection for future showings. Which brings me to the subject of issues with a house that cannot be fixed.

Some houses are cursed with in-cure-able conditions. Here are some common examples…

– The house is 3 feet from the neighbor’s house. Like my house. Hello neighbor…

– The house is very close to the road.
– The house is on a busy road.
– The house has a shared driveway.
– There are power lines in the backyard.
– The neighbor’s house is blighted.
– There is no usable backyard space.
– The ceilings are very low.

As a seller, there is nothing you can realistically do to fix these issues. If you continually get the same complaint and you want to sell quickly, typically the only way to respond is to lower the price to a level where the incurable becomes a non-issue. It’s painful, but it’s the only way to get past the recurring “My buyer didn’t like the …” feedback comments.

If you’re in this situation, don’t get panicky and upset. Just remember that the condition was most likely present when you purchased the home, which, at the time, should have allowed you to get that house at a discount compared to similar homes without the incurable condition. Be aware of these issues when you’re buying and remember them and be realistic when you’re selling.