Blackberry Agent

This is my lifeline to the universe known as real estate. I spend a lot of time with my phone. It lets me talk to current clients, potential clients, and annoying telemarketers. I also text quite a bit and read and send email from my phone. And surf the web. I can even look up MLS listings on my phone while I’m out with clients or just driving around. Well, I don’t drive and use my phone. That’s unsafe and illegal.

My clients really seem to like my phone because I can respond to them quickly, no matter which form of communication they use. Most of my clients prefer phone calls, but I do work with a few diehard text messagers. Sometimes they try to have important conversations with me via text, but at times, we just need to speak in person. Everyone is flexible, which is nice.

As you can see, Libby is my background on my Blackberry. She reminds me that I need to come home every now and then to let her outside so she can use the facilities and chew on sticks. She’s oblivious to the phone, except that she gets somewhat freaked out if it’s near her and on vibrate mode. She’s suspiscious of vibrate mode. Silly dog!

I don’t really know how real estate was conducted before cell phones and email evolved. I guess things just moved more slowly back in the dark ages of the ’90s. 😉