Agents, Take Your Own Damn Photos

Tonight Kyle was looking through the MLS and discovered that another agent is using one of our property photos for their listing. He knew this because it’s a rare listing photo that he took on his own. We hire professional photographers for all of our listings, but in this case it was a rainy day, so he had to retake the exterior photo of the condo building on a sunny day. This agent’s exterior picture

View From an Open House

Inside Out

We like to show lots of pictures of the houses we’re trying to sell. Usually they’re geared towards selling the home – showing off the inside and outside of the property. Here’s one from a different perspective, mine as the real estate agent. I took this after I finished setting up for a Sunday open house.

Ducks in a Row, Please

I am fairly certain that the spring real estate market turned on last week. Do you know how I know this? I started waking up at 4am without the assistance of my alarm clock, thinking about all of the work that I needed to do, and then getting up to do it. Activating new listings, preparing for more listing appointments for houses that will come on the market, and then the subsequent showings with buyer

Going On Vacation

Most real estate agents are self-employed. And when you’re self-employed, it’s sometimes difficult to go on vacation. While a real estate agent can usually find an agent from their office to cover for them for a few days while they’re away, the covering agent doesn’t really know their clients and the clients don’t really know the agent covering. There is something missing on the comfort-level front. Typically both sides can suck it up for a

Buyers and Sellers Talking

As an agent, part of my job is to be an intermediary. My client communicates through me, I then relay a message to the other agent involved and they then communicate that information to their client. Buyers and sellers typically don’t talk to each other directly and, honestly, I prefer it that way. But how would a buyer and seller communicate directly if there are agents involved? And what can go wrong if they do