An Evening with David Nyberg

The Metropolitan - 266 Pearl Street, Hartford, CTOn Thursday, October 15, 2009 (tomorrow evening), real estate developer David Nyberg will be hosting a social hour, giving site tours of two Downtown Hartford projects, and participating in a roundtable discussion. I am coordinating the event through HYPE, and would like to extend an invitation to those outside of the HYPE membership to join us. Please RSVP to me (Kyle Bergquist) to register if you are interested in attending; seating is limited.

Mr. Nyberg has been at the forefront of the effort to bring more residential opportunities to Downtown Hartford in recent years. His three Downtown projects include 55 on the Park, The Metropolitan, and most recently 915 Main Street. Mr. Nyberg is also active in the Asylum Hill neighborhood of Hartford as well as other communities.

During this event we’re hoping to get an enthusiastic group together to see a developer’s view of Downtown Hartford. The roundtable portion of the event will give us an opportunity to learn more about Mr. Nyberg himself, his views on Hartford, and his experiences with the City.

Tomorrow evening’s itinerary will be roughly as follows:
5:00 pm: Meet at 901 Main Street for drinks, appetizers, and a site tour
6:00ish: Walk to 266 Pearl Street (The Metropolitan) for a site tour
7:00ish: Walk to 31 Pratt Street (MetroHartford Alliance) for drinks, dinner, and discussion.

Our group is called HYPEd on Downtown Development, and is working to find constructive ways to influence the continued evolution of the capital city’s downtown neighborhood. We’re hoping to be part of the revitalization process that will make Downtown a vibrant mixed-use community. The event is free of charge and open to anyone interested in participating in that spirit.

Again, please RSVP to me (Kyle Bergquist) and either call or email with any questions.