Q2 Condo Contracts: Good News for Buyers

The Hartford County Condo market has fallen out of sync with the traditional seasonality, creating a good opportunity for buyers with lots to choose from and a more favorable pricing environment to go along with very attractive mortgage rates. The data shows a 13% decrease in the total number of contracts from the second quarter of 2010. However, looking more closely at the individual months, we can see that 2011 showed very steady performance –

Our 2011 Predictions

It’s the second half of January, and we haven’t even published any predictions for the year. Shame on us! The point of predictions is to get them out there early so that everyone has already forgotten about them by the time the real action starts. That way you don’t get egg on your face when the exact opposite happens. But if you get it right, then you can smugly point back to your calls and

An Evening with David Nyberg

On Thursday, October 15, 2009 (tomorrow evening), real estate developer David Nyberg will be hosting a social hour, giving site tours of two Downtown Hartford projects, and participating in a roundtable discussion. I am coordinating the event through HYPE, and would like to extend an invitation to those outside of the HYPE membership to join us. Please RSVP to me (Kyle Bergquist) to register if you are interested in attending; seating is limited. Mr. Nyberg

Greater Hartford Real Estate Market Statistics- Condos

I recently posted the latest real estate statistics for single family homes in Greater Hartford. Below are the latest real estate statistics for condos in Greater Hartford. I pulled the time period of April through July (essentially the spring market) and compared 2008 to 2007. A few things to keep in mind; some towns simply have more condo complexes than others, some towns have lots of new condo construction going on while others do not,

Staying Put

I make my living by helping people move. But at times, I have to advise them that it may make more sense to just stay put. Here’s a recent example… A few weeks ago, I met a nice, older couple at an open house. They have been thinking about moving from their house to a condo. Right now they have one floor living, a garage, and central air. They have around 1,100 square feet and