Fall Yard Clean-Up

One of the joys of home ownership is the privilege of cleaning up the yard for the winter.

Raking the leaves, collecting fallen branches, and cleaning the gutters are favorite activities here at the Bergquist house. This year we’ve been so busy with other things that nearly all the leaves are already down, so unfortunately we may only be able to go through this process once. We will be sure to savor every moment.

Other tasks are also important to prepare for the winter:
– Taking in the hoses and turning off the water to the spigots.
– Cleaning out the pots and planters.
– Bringing in the outside furniture.
– Removing the grass from between the sidewalk slates.

Today’s the day. The yard has dried out and the sun is shining. It’s a perfect day for yard work.

Empty Tree - Guess we'll only be able to rake once this year...

Hose Caddy - Ready to Head to Florida for the Winter

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