Winter: For Reals

2015-01-04 Winter

Today is sort of messy, but we’re about to have a blast of real winter. The local forecast calls for lows close to zero on Wednesday night of this week. Highs on Thursday are only expected to make it up to the teens. That’s some seriously cold weather for Greater Hartford. Take a minute to make sure your home is ready. Check your heating oil level and call for a fill up if needed. Double

Winter Sun

2013-12-20 Winter Sun - 600

At our home the most private yard space is to the north of the house. There is a very noticeable difference in the amount of sun we get in that area throughout the seasons. During the summer we line up containers of tomato plants and grow vegetables. In the winter? Well, the sun barely shines on the yard at all – see below. It would be an excellent spot for an ice rink. The good

Preparing for Winter?

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about winter. Nobody knows when the freezing temperatures or snow will arrive this season … it could be next week or not until next year. Night time temperatures are dropping to the point where we might need to turn the heat on soon. And don’t forget about the big snow storm we got last year at the end of October. Here are three quick maintenance

Preparing for the Spring

Winter is an excellent opportunity to begin thinking about the spring real estate market. Although there is a lot going on, taking a little time here and there to create a plan, and set some portions in motion, could make a big difference when you’re energized early in the new year. We sat down in front of the warm fire last night and came up with four ideas for getting ready for the spring. These