Restoration Hardware Fall 2011 Source Book

Kyle brought in the mail yesterday and he set a big book down on the dining room table. I wondered- did my book club order arrive from Amazon already? Speedy service, I just placed it yesterday.

No. It was the Restoration Hardware Fall 2011 Source Book. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it as far as a store catalog goes. It’s 615 pages. I’m not kidding. It’s heavy. I weighed it. It’s three pounds. No, really, it is. How much does it cost to mail three pounds to thousands and thousands of people? And how many trees does it kill?

The perplexing thing to me is that the only items I’ve ever purchased from Restoration Hardware are stocking stuffers and ornaments around the holiday time. We’ve never bought furniture, lamps, draperies or anything of significant value from them. So why are they sending us this ginormous catalog? Shouldn’t they reserve this for their best customers?

Who else received this monstrosity? What are your thoughts on it? Ours is going in the recycle bin. It scares me.

6 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware Fall 2011 Source Book

  1. I have gotten those in the past year and also been surprised at the large size and detail of it. I hadn’t ever gotten anything quite like that in the past from them, or another retailer either. While we have made some major purchases there – that was at least 4 years ago. I did find it fun to go through. The products and overall designs they market seem to have shifted in the last years – less color, more unusual pieces. So while I often find myself thinking how interesting it is to look at in the catalog, I find myself much less likely to buy there than I was in the past. I also find myself wondering – what demographic and groups is this company really trying to hit with some of the images and styles. I’ll see if I get one in the mail today. If not, I’ll root through your recyle bin on Tuesday……

  2. We received it as well, and thought it was crazy. I’m with Michael – we’ve definitely purchased items (bed, lamps, rug) in the past, but over the last few years, the style has changed and we are less inclined to buy there. I have seen a bookcase and some curtain rods I’ve liked, but at this point, the cost is too high for me, especially with a toddler in the house – we are more of an Ikea family these days for pure practicality.

    I used mine as a cake plate of sorts to bring something over to Ellen’s house, where she commented on the size of it too – we bequeathed to her, and I imagine it is in her recycle bucket at this point too.

  3. I guess I’m the odd man out… I really like the new style they’ve gone towards. I’m a fan of rustic and reclaimed wood that they’re using a lot of. Some of the pieces are a bit far out there, but a lot of them I like a lot!

  4. I’m with Chris, I love it. Gorgeous catalog printed on recycled paper as well as recyclable. I feel the price point is great for the quality. Kind of an inbetween Ikea and designer. I’ve sat on the sofas in the store and they are divine. I also love the neutrals, so soothing. I did the whole Tuscan look for so many years that if I see any more reds, golds, greens I think I will go insane. It is nice that if you DO want color you can easily accessorize with pillows & throws, thus changing your whole look quite inexpensively.The catalog for me is a winner.

  5. If you do nothing before tossing the Source Book in the recycle bin, read the letter from Gary Friedman. Great message. B

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