November Contracts: Winding Down

The Hartford County single-family real estate market finished November with 574 contracts. The total was 7% higher than November 2014, and was 13% ahead of 2014 on a year-to-date basis.

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in November 2015

Trends that we have discussed throughout the year continued to hold. Activity grew more strongly at the lower price points, and the inventory of available homes increased as the price point increased. The only price band that experienced fewer deals than in 2014 (on a year-to-date basis) was the $1,000,000+ band, which dropped from 49 contracts to 40 contracts.

We have reached the time of the year when most of the buyers that are out looking for real estate are serious about finding a new place to live. December shoppers are often relocating to the area for jobs, or are making other important life changes. We are seeing both in the market right now.

The unseasonably warm weather should help extend the real estate market further into December. Sellers have been less inclined to pull their homes off the market than in past years when there was already snow on the ground. And casual buyers might be willing to continue their search for another couple weeks since it’s still actually nice to go outside. We will take advantage of the opportunity to hopefully sell some more homes before calling it a year.

Happy holidays everyone, enjoy the season!

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in November 2015 by Town