R2B – Home Inspection

This article is part of the Ready to Buy series, which focuses on the key issues that potential home buyers need to understand as they work through the purchase process.

The first thing you do after putting a property under contract is schedule the home inspection.

Basic inspections look at the structure and systems of the home to evaluate how well they are functioning. This includes areas like the roof, siding, windows, and chimney on the outside. And it includes stuff like the heating system, electrical, plumbing, and more on the inside.

Home inspectors always find issues. Hopefully you will have already seen some of them prior to bidding. But you definitely won’t know all of them. The inspection is far more thorough than a casual tour, and the inspector is a licensed professional.

The challenge for you as a buyer is to separate the unusual findings from the typical. We recommend buyers focus on health or safety risks, and advise our clients on how to handle the results.

In the best case scenario the seller may help address the most serious concerns.

Good luck with your search, and remember that I’m here to help when you need me. Have a great day!