R2B – Open Houses

This article is part of the Ready to Buy series, which focuses on the key issues that potential home buyers need to understand as they work through the purchase process.

Visiting an Open House is a good way to see a property without creating any obligations.

Most open houses in Greater Hartford are on the weekends, during the middle of the day. Anyone may attend, though you are likely to be asked to sign in with the host.

The agent hosting the open house represents the seller. In theory they are there to sell the house. However, it is common for the listing agent to delegate hosting duties to a helper agent, who is often more interested in capturing buyer clients.

No matter what the host might tell you, attending an open house creates no obligation to the agent.

We prefer to tour homes with our buyer clients rather than send them to open houses, or on a tour with a helper agent. We like to discuss what we’re seeing. The conversation allows us to learn more about what you’re seeking in a home, and allows you to benefit from our experience in evaluating properties.

Good luck with your search, and remember that I’m here to help when you need me. Have a great day!