R2B – Online Inquiries

This article is part of the Ready to Buy series, which focuses on the key issues that potential home buyers need to understand as they work through the purchase process.

Agents pay a lot of money to be at the top of online listings, and to receive questions from buyers. Sometimes it is their listing, but more often they don’t have any personal experience with the property.

The responding agent’s motivation may conflict with yours. Their top priority is to figure out how best to capture you as a buyer client. Often that means skillfully not answering the question you initially asked to extend their opportunity win you over.

It is very easy to send inquiries off into cyberspace, but the results are hit-or-miss.

You would be better served by finding one agent to partner with on your search. When you find someone who you like and trust, their goals will be fully aligned with yours.

They can answer questions and set up your showings. The continuity will allow them to use their experience to understand your needs and help you achieve a better overall result.

Good luck with your search, and remember that I’m here to help when you need me. Have a great day!