Weekend Plans: Apr 16th 2011

If you’re looking to spend some time outside this weekend, consider helping the Knox Parks Foundation. The Greater Hartford Green Team is working with Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods to plant over 50 new trees in the City. The event runs from 9am to 1pm on Saturday, 4/16. Everyone will meet at the Niles Street Garden, at 17 Niles Street, to get a brief demo and then head out to the different planting sites. Volunteers need

Weekend Plans: Apr 9th 2011

Wow, the weekend is almost here, what’s happening already?!? The big event is The Odd Ball at Real Art Ways, which is the ultimate costume party. Check out the pictures of previous years to see what I mean … amazing. Otherwise there is the usual assortment of interesting local events to keep everyone out of trouble. And if you really can’t think of anything to do, then get outside and enjoy the weather. Saturday is

Weekend Plans: Apr 2nd 2011

UConn UConn UConn, UConn UConn. Did U(Conn) know that the Huskies are in the Final Four? Both the Men’s team and the Women’s team? Thankfully they will not be playing on Sunday afternoon, because that would simply ruin our plans for the day. Make a complete mess of them! UConn UConn UConn! Events & Activities On Thursday, March 31st, the Hartford Preservation Alliance (HPA) is holding an Open House to celebrate their recent accomplishments. Go

Weekend Plans: March 26th 2011

Will this be the last weekend to enjoy Husky basketball this season? Let’s hope not. Both the men and the women are still alive in the Big Dance. I’m just glad that nobody will have to be “sick” this week in order to catch all the action since the games start after 7pm. Events & Activities This weekend is the Home Builder’s Show at the Connecticut Convention Center, the annual extravaganza featuring everything home-related that

Weekend Plans: Mar 19th 2011

Can I take the rest of the week off to watch college basketball? Is that allowed? No? That’s too bad, I heard there’s a tournament going on this weekend or something. Events & Activities Mark you calendars for the annual Elizabeth Park Flower Sale. Greenhouse doors open at 10:00 on Saturday, but you better get there early because there’s usually a crowd. Another summer hobby is on full display at the Connecticut Convention Center, which