Garage Versus Tree

Garage Versus Tree

The other day I encountered a tree that was growing into the nearby garage. It’s difficult to see from the picture, but the branch is actually growing around the gutter and is beginning to dent it. Not an ideal situation, and presumably it will only get worse. Maybe I watched a little too much college basketball over the past month, but my first thought was to wonder if this is a blocking foul or a

Weekend Plans: Apr 2nd 2011

UConn UConn UConn, UConn UConn. Did U(Conn) know that the Huskies are in the Final Four? Both the Men’s team and the Women’s team? Thankfully they will not be playing on Sunday afternoon, because that would simply ruin our plans for the day. Make a complete mess of them! UConn UConn UConn! Events & Activities On Thursday, March 31st, the Hartford Preservation Alliance (HPA) is holding an Open House to celebrate their recent accomplishments. Go

Weekend Plans: March 26th 2011

Will this be the last weekend to enjoy Husky basketball this season? Let’s hope not. Both the men and the women are still alive in the Big Dance. I’m just glad that nobody will have to be “sick” this week in order to catch all the action since the games start after 7pm. Events & Activities This weekend is the Home Builder’s Show at the Connecticut Convention Center, the annual extravaganza featuring everything home-related that

Weekend Plans: Mar 5th 2011

Real estate is officially in season. I have to say, it’s a bit of a funny business. The intensity level of the spring is dramatically higher than the winter, and it changes over very quickly. Incredibly quickly. Before the President’s Day weekend the markets were still pretty slow – not many new listings and not many homes going under contract. Since then, it seems like each day is more interesting than the one before. It

Hartford at Play

Hartford’s Colt Park comes alive after the workday ends. Athletes of all ages congregate on the park’s expansive fields to participate in a wide variety of activities. On a recent Wednesday, the local kickball league dominated the action with 7 simultaneous games. But there was more than enough room for other groups to play baseball, fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball, basketball and cricket. Who says there’s nothing to do in Hartford?