The Foreclosure Sale Experience

2014-08-02 Auction 2

A small crowd gathered near the trash and recycle bins of a pale yellow home on the corner of Whitney and Fern. Saturday at high noon is traditionally the time of reckoning for properties subject to foreclosure auctions, and the appointed hour grew near. The group that was forming was an eclectic bunch. Investors walked with purpose as they evaluated the outside of the property, measuring the opportunity. They paced back and forth on the

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Five bank owned properties were auctioned off yesterday afternoon in Hartford. We learned about the auction a couple weeks ago thanks to a tip from a loyal reader about one specific home (thanks, Michael!). The property had been on the market with a realtor for a couple months, and we had even shown it a few times. We knew the bank was trying to get rid of it, but switching over to the auction format