Strategy for Buyers in Today’s Market

Sketch of a House

The 2021 real estate market is ultra-competitive for buyers in basically all price points below $700,000. Houses are regularly selling above the asking price, and in some cases well above. Our analysis of first quarter closings found that 51.5% of the single-family sales closed over asking. April was even more dire for buyers as 65% of deals closed over asking. The table below also shows that the median winning bid in the deals that closed

Making an “As Is” Offer

2021-03-05 Making an As Is Offer

Fierce competition for quality single-family properties in Greater Hartford has forced buyers to think hard about every aspect of their offer. How much should they offer to pay? Is their financing as strong as possible? What about their other terms? For buyers willing to offer a strong price, and who are already doing everything they can to optimize their financing, an additional way to make their bid stand out from the crowd is to submit

Why Wasn’t My Offer Accepted?

Houses on Cone Street

Hi there. Welcome, and I am very sorry to hear that the offer you made on that home was not accepted. Even though I (probably) don’t know anything about your situation, I might still be able to help you understand this unfortunate development! I have found that sellers generally reject offers for a few reasons, so one very likely applies to your situation. 1. You Didn’t Offer Enough $$$ Sellers usually pick the offer with

The Foreclosure Sale Experience

2014-08-02 Auction 2

A small crowd gathered near the trash and recycle bins of a pale yellow home on the corner of Whitney and Fern. Saturday at high noon is traditionally the time of reckoning for properties subject to foreclosure auctions, and the appointed hour grew near. The group that was forming was an eclectic bunch. Investors walked with purpose as they evaluated the outside of the property, measuring the opportunity. They paced back and forth on the

An Offer’s Strength: Financing


How strong is the bid we just submitted for that property you love? Are you going to get the house? Sellers are receiving multiple offers on a regular occasion this spring. Buyers are lined up, anxious to buy a home, and willing to submit offers on homes as soon as they hit the market. In many cases buyers know they need to write up their best offer immediately – there may not be an opportunity