Office Tower Conversions

Today’s question … what would it take to make a former office tower an interesting/hip/cool place to live? While walking through Downtown Hartford I was once again thinking about how interesting a neighborhood it is becoming. There has been a noticeable change since I moved to town in 2004, with the highlight being numerous projects filling previously underutilized sites with housing. There are plenty of underutilized sites that remain – many of them are office

Real Estate Dreams

What kind of home would you live in if you could go out right now and buy a place? I’m not talking about the pie-in-the-sky fantasy here (I’m going to buy my own island!), rather asking what kind of home would ideally fit your current lifestyle, interests, and approximate budget? The American Dream Amy and I lived in apartments for a long time. After college we were working in the Boston area and weren’t mentally

777 Main Street – Your Future Home?

Kenneth Gosselin’s piece about the Bank of America building in today’s Courant noted that the owner of 777 Main Street had considered converting some of the building to condos in 2006, and ended with a quote making it clear that a residential conversion was back on the table. Although the current situation can be viewed as a loss for the City – nobody wants to see a business downsizing – it can also be seen