Transit Oriented Development Fail

Next to Flatbush Station

Directly across the street from the Flatbush Avenue Fastrak station is the first new development along the rapid bus transit corridor. The site was assembled by combining three adjacent parcels. It appears that the developer paid over $1 million for the properties in two separate deals in September of 2015. The map below comes from the West Hartford GIS site, with the new development outlined in red and the Fastrak station outlined in green. A

Transit Oriented Development in West Hartford

2015-01-21 Flatbush Busway Station

Last week, West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka gave the 2015 State of the Town address at a West Hartford Chamber of Commerce event. The speech was an upbeat analysis of the Town’s priorities and current status; a thorough recap can be read here. One recurring theme was West Hartford’s forward looking focus on transit oriented development. Slifka said at one point that neither he, nor anyone else on the Town Council, were big fans of

Flatbush Avenue Bridge Almost Done

2013-09-18 Bridge

Since May, work on the Flatbush Avenue bridge has been progressing steadily. It is now clear how the streets are going to connect and it looks like the bulk of the roadway construction is done. Looking from the gas station just north of the site, the view hasn’t changed all that much – it’s a bridge. Walking back to the intersection of Flatbush and New Park Avenue, it looks like the road onto the bridge