Flatbush Avenue Bridge Almost Done

Since May, work on the Flatbush Avenue bridge has been progressing steadily. It is now clear how the streets are going to connect and it looks like the bulk of the roadway construction is done.

Looking from the gas station just north of the site, the view hasn’t changed all that much – it’s a bridge.

2013-09-18 Bridge

Walking back to the intersection of Flatbush and New Park Avenue, it looks like the road onto the bridge is just missing the connection to the street. When traveling east on Flatbush, drivers will go up over the bridge instead of taking the current road to the left of the new bridge.

2013-09-18 Flatbush and New Park

Construction has also begun on the Fastrak station that will be adjacent to the new bridge. Here is the view looking north from the parking lot of the plaza containing the Apple Tree.

2013-09-18 Flatbush Station

Finally, I have been irrationally concerned about the building at the corner of Flatbush and Newfield on the WalMart side of the train tracks. Will it stay? Will it go? It was still there in May, and it looked like the road would avoid the site. Well, now the building is gone.

2013-09-18 Former Restaurant


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8 thoughts on “Flatbush Avenue Bridge Almost Done

  1. This bridge needs some beautification. Every time I drive by there I’m totally thrown by how the view has changed. It wasn’t super delightful before, but now there’s this barrier. I think some trees and flowers would go a long way.

  2. It’s definitely a utilitarian design, despite the ornamental stone globes/balls mounted on the top of the support pillars. Hopefully they will work to blend the overall structure into the surroundings a bit better … I agree it needs some softening. I unfortunately can’t make out any landscaping details on the site plan:

  3. So, why isn’t there a good way to cross this bridge on foot? From the drawings, it looks like two small sidewalks on either side, open to traffic. Aren’t workers from the Walmart Plaza the target market for this bus? Also, how come the site plan map doesn’t show the Walmart? How old is that map? 1985?

  4. I think you’re right about the sidewalks along the side of the bridge being the main pedestrian walkway. You can see the granite curb on the right side of the roadway in the second picture. It looks to me like there is going to be a 3 foot wide buffer between the curb and sidewalk, and that there will be a short wall (maybe 2 feet tall) on the sidewalk side of the buffer.

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