National Real Estate Stories

It’s been a big day for real estate in the national news. The Wall Street Journal had three articles that caught my eye. And then Case-Shiller data was also announced this morning. First was the front page piece titled Price Cuts Spur Home Sales. December existing home sales data was released on Monday. The market had expected another month-over-month decrease after November’s 9.4% drop in the number of transactions. However, the December report showed a

Negative Feedback Loop – Mortgages vs Investments

The financial markets are in a difficult place right now, and the Federal government is working on a plan to intervene and hopefully stop the bleeding. Rather than trying to figure out who’s to blame, or speculating on what might happen next, I’d like to try to illustrate the negative feedback loop currently in place. Some observations: 1. Mortgage-backed securities are valued using computer models with numerous assumptions. The historical data used to generate the