Marathon Parties

Marathon Parties are one of my favorite types of parties to throw and attend. When we first moved to Hartford, mile 24 of the full marathon passed right by our home. We invited friends over and had a blast yelling and making noise to support the runners for a few hours that morning. Sadly, race organizers changed the route. The runners were apparently dissatisfied with the course passing the finish line at mile 20 (too

Musical Neighbors

Our neighbors are a musical bunch. Melodies can be heard from many different directions during the outdoor seasons, with tastes differing dramatically. Some neighbors perform, while others listen, and on occasion there is dancing. We recently got a new neighbor who seems to be a dedicated and talented violin player. Although we have not had the opportunity to meet him/her yet, we have enjoyed the extended practice sessions. Libby especially likes to lounge in the

Hartford Preservation Alliance- Party Poopers?

The City of Hartford told us that our house was built in 1910. It says so right on our property data card on their online database. Given that it’s 2010, we thought it would only be proper to throw our house a 100-year birthday party bash this year. I blogged about it a few months ago on our home ownership anniversary. I’ve been happily planning this party in my head for months now. It would