203 Fairfield Avenue, Hartford

Located in Hartford’s Southwest neighborhood, this historic Craftsman Bungalow features a great layout and many original architectural details. The oversized front porch has whimsical decorative elements, including scroll sawn woodwork and brackets. Inside, a formal foyer is flanked by a den and the formal living room. Natural woodwork, stained glass windows and period lighting remain. The living room has a wood burning fireplace and opens to the dining room which features two built-in hutches and

Unsafe Neighborhoods

Yesterday Amy noticed a story come across the wire about a new Microsoft patent. One of the main benefits, which appears in the abstract of the actual filing, is that it will allow walking directions to be provided that take into account “unsafe” neighborhoods. The story caught our attention because as real estate agents we are not allowed to talk about neighborhoods as “safe” or “unsafe.” An area’s level of safety is a personal perception

Battling for New Clients

Recently someone contacted me regarding a rental that I had available. They were moving to the area and wanted to rent before buying. This person had some geographic restrictions because of their job and had other criteria that made their options fairly limited. Unfortunately my rental option went away because the home went under contract for sale. I offered suggestions and help for other places they may want to look and they continued doing their

Musical Neighbors

Our neighbors are a musical bunch. Melodies can be heard from many different directions during the outdoor seasons, with tastes differing dramatically. Some neighbors perform, while others listen, and on occasion there is dancing. We recently got a new neighbor who seems to be a dedicated and talented violin player. Although we have not had the opportunity to meet him/her yet, we have enjoyed the extended practice sessions. Libby especially likes to lounge in the

Hartford's Asylum Hill – An Auto-Free Option

The Asylum Hill neighborhood doesn’t get as much attention as some other areas in Hartford. For those not familiar with the city, Asylum Hill is a Hershey Kiss shaped neighborhood bounded by the streets of Sargeant on the north, Woodland to the west and I84 to the east and south. Having riden the bus down either Farmington Avenue or Asylum Avenue nearly every day over the past four years, I’ve gradually realized that Asylum Hill