Musical Neighbors

Violin in the NeighboorhoodOur neighbors are a musical bunch. Melodies can be heard from many different directions during the outdoor seasons, with tastes differing dramatically. Some neighbors perform, while others listen, and on occasion there is dancing.

We recently got a new neighbor who seems to be a dedicated and talented violin player. Although we have not had the opportunity to meet him/her yet, we have enjoyed the extended practice sessions. Libby especially likes to lounge in the sun in the back yard and take in the classical music.

The music we enjoy on our porch, which is on the opposite side of the house, is also performed live. It is generally solo guitar, and usually chord-based strumming. Although we cannot pick out specific songs, it is always relaxingly harmonic and skillfully performed.

Not everyone creates their own music, and one of our neighbors enjoys hosting parties that feature their preferred musical genre. Sometimes it’s just a boom box playing the radio, but every now and then they hire a DJ, which I suppose is a performance too.

It’s not just our direct neighbors that serenade us. There is a jazz band that occasionally gets together a couple doors down and jams for the better part of an afternoon. And we used to have a very talented gentleman up the street named Randy Collins, who plays guitar like nobody I’ve ever heard.

Music adds another dimension to the usual sounds of a neighborhood, layering melodies and rhythms over the background noise that we all tune out over time. And sometimes it’s the little things that strike exactly the right chord, reminding you just how much you enjoy your area.

2 thoughts on “Musical Neighbors

  1. Speaking of neighbors, particularly regarding your “How Many of Your Neighbors Do You Know?” post, there’s a book that I just read that might interest you:

    “In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time” by Peter Lovenheim.

    Although the impetus for this book was terribly sad and horrifying, what it brought out was magnificent. I read this book and had a lovely correspondence with the author; the book touched me so much, especially because I value my relationships with my neighbors so much.

  2. Thanks Dawn! I’ve been reading a lot more lately and will add this to my list. Looks really interesting and I’m a big fan of books about everyday peoples’ lives.

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