Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon Mitigation System

We’ve written about radon a couple times in the past. Once as an overview to the issue and once when we tested the radon levels in our home. But I don’t think we’ve ever written about the mitigation system itself. A radon mitigation system is just a white PVC tube starting under the foundation and exhausting outside. There is a fan inside the pipe that blows air from out from under the basement. Radon is

Radon, Radon Everywhere

Radon is a naturally occurring gas, and is part of the normal mix of elements that make up the air we breathe. However, the concentration varies greatly throughout the country, within individual towns, and even within neighborhoods. If the concentration is too high, then radon can be a health hazard. We always recommend that our buyers test for radon as part of their home inspection. If elevated levels are found, then our buyers have an

Radon Testing My Home

Whenever my clients have a home inspection performed, I always recommend that they also have a radon test performed. Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that is released when uranium decays in soil and rocks. It is just about everywhere, at varying concentration levels. It can enter a home through cracks in the walls and floor of your foundation and collect indoors. It can also be released by building materials or well water. If