Off Roading

2015-02-26 Off Roading

I encountered this situation the other day while pulling into a condo community’s parking lot. The photo doesn’t really do justice to the depth of the ice ruts. They were easily four inches deep – and that’s before speculating on the depth of the water in the tracks. They were serious ruts. I grew up in Vermont and don’t recall seeing anything like this on the dirt roads up there. I drive a sedan, and

Winter’s Backdrop

2013-12-18 200 Fern - 600

Homes look different in the winter. Leaves are off the trees, and every now and then we get a fresh blanket of white snow. This property really stood out to me in the afternoon sun. It’s a lovely home all year round, but is generally surrounded by green – green grass and green leaves. The white backdrop gives it a different feel, highlighting the architectural details even more than usual.

On the Fourth Day of Cancelled School

Oxford Street, Hartford on Sunday

Today is the fourth day that the City of Hartford has cancelled school due to the recent blizzard. As the cleanup has progressed (or not, depending on your point of view), there has been discussion about how the whole thing has been handled. I am not privy to inside information, or a big picture view of the entire operation. But I am a City resident, have a child in the school system, and live within

Winter Camping

We have a row of shrubs directly in the avalanche zone of our house. For those that don’t know, slate and metal roofs are notorious for dumping snow on whatever happens to be underneath. All the snow, all at once. The first year after we reorganized the landscaping out front, I built large wooden covers to put over the tiny new plants. They were functional, but horribly ugly. And they blocked the sunlight, which seemed