Maple Tree Cabinetmakers: The Josh Winkley Experience

Josh Winkley, of Maple Tree Cabinetmakers, likes the challenge of designing for a space. And as previously noted, we are design challenged. So working with Josh was critical to the kitchen turning out as well as it did. From our point of view, the basic process was pretty painless. We told Josh the kinds of things we liked and disliked, and talked about some of our priorities and ideas for the space. He asked a

The Home Depot Run

Every project that I do requires a Home Depot run. From people I talk with about their DIY efforts, it seems as though I am not the only one consistently caught without the right tool, or missing a piece for a project. I guess that’s why the pros are the pros, and I’m just me. Taking apart the cabinetry in our kitchen was pretty straightforward. There were lots of screws to take out in order