Government Intervention in the Real Estate Market

Tax Credit - Trailing 12 Month Sales

While reviewing real estate transaction data, the following chart caught our attention. It shows the number of single-family home sales that have closed in Hartford County over rolling 12 month periods. Said another way, each data point is the number of total sales over the previous 12 months. Note that this chart has nothing to do with values, only transaction counts. The line in the chart bounces around in the 8,000 deals-per-year range from the

WECA Historic Homes Rehab Tax Credit Event

Blue Multi-Family

We’ve covered the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit a few times on the site. This week there is an opportunity to learn about it in person at a live event put together by the Architectural History and Resources Committee of the West End Civic Association. Join us at the Connecticut Historical Society on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 at 7:00. The event will feature a presentation by Mary Dunne of the State Historic Preservation Office about

Historic Homes Rehab Tax Credit in Action

Last fall we wrote about the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit, hoping to introduce it to our friends and neighbors. A year later we’re revisiting the subject for a variety of reasons. One is because it has come up in the WECA Architectural History and Resources Committee, and that group is looking to spread the word in any way they can. Also because people are beginning to take advantage of the program, so there’s a

Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The West End of Hartford contains multiple Historic Districts, which include just about all the properties in the neighborhood. In addition to recognizing the architectural importance of the collection of homes, and helping protect the properties from inappropriate modifications, the Historic District designation also creates opportunities for owners. One interesting incentive is the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit. This past month I had an opportunity to sit down with Lucas Karmazinas, an independent consultant in

April Contracts: Spring has Sprung?

Based on the number of contracts written in April, we’re having a late spring this year. April finished with slightly more deals than March 2011, and 34% fewer deals in the year-over-year comparison. Where are all the buyers? After quickly falling off the 2010 trend line, we’ve also now fallen below 2009’s activity level. Maybe it’s no longer cool to buy houses. Too bad though, there are lots of interesting homeownership opportunities. That being said,