Towers versus Turrets

2013-11-20 246-248 Sargeant - 600

The housing stock in Hartford has examples of both towers and turrets. People seem to use the term “turret” to describe small rooms that stick up from the rest of the building and have their own roof. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re wrong. I’ll admit to sometimes getting it wrong before I looked up the definitions. Most of the time people are talking about an architectural feature that should be called a “tower,” since

Saving a West End Home: Project Round-Up

Note: This post continues the Saving a West End Home Series. The West End Home has a round turret as its front, left corner. Although round turrets are not uncommon in the neighborhood, the feature gives the property a little something extra – something special. From the outside, the conical roofline immediately draws the eye. For me, the effect is to mask the true size of the building. It makes the home feel more intimate