Weekend Plans: Mar 5th 2011

Real estate is officially in season. I have to say, it’s a bit of a funny business. The intensity level of the spring is dramatically higher than the winter, and it changes over very quickly. Incredibly quickly. Before the President’s Day weekend the markets were still pretty slow – not many new listings and not many homes going under contract. Since then, it seems like each day is more interesting than the one before. It

Forbes: Hartford a Top City for Working Mothers

ForbesWoman recently released a study identifying the “Best Cities for Working Mothers” in 2010. Hartford finished 7th out of the top 50 metropolitan regions in the country. The magazine ranked each city based on six factors: Women’s Income, Living Cost, Pediatricians, Unemployment, Violent Crimes, and Spending per Pupil. Their idea was to try to capture a variety of issues that all play into mysterious phrases like “quality of life” and “work-life balance.” Some may debate