Weekend Plans: Jan 22nd 2011

Ice Completely Encasing a Tree BranchWelcome back to another frost-bitten edition of Weekend Plans. Is it just me, or has this winter been much colder and snowier than the past few? I thought for sure global warming was already kicking in and ridiculously high heating bills were a thing of the past. Our dog has even started complaining about the cold. And she should want to go outside to get away from the kid, who has learned some sort of axe-chopping technique from her “friends” at daycare.

Events & Activities

Taste of Hartford 2011, Mon 1/17 through Sun 1/23
It’s once again time for Taste of Hartford! The winter edition of Hartford’s Restaurant Week will definitely warm you up with three course, price fixed ($20.11 per person) menus at 20 local restaurants. If you’ve ever wanted to go check out one of these places, this is your opportunity. We’ve taken advantage of the program a number of times, finding new favorites along the way.

Northeast RV & Camping Show, CT Convention Center, Fri 1/21 through Sun 1/23, $10
Those who like to get out of the house for more than just a dinner might be interested in checking out the RV & Camping Show at the Convention Center this weekend. It sounds like they’re bringing the big campers out. Just don’t let them convince you that you can live in one of these things instead of a regular house. You can’t. All your stuff won’t fit, and there apparently aren’t any RV Campgrounds around here to use as a home base (We know people who have looked). There is an coupon available on the website for a dollar off adult admission.

Open Houses

We don’t have any open houses scheduled for this week, but that doesn’t mean real estate is closed. Feel free to check out all of our exciting listings online, we have lots of pictures and photo tours with floor plans available. Or give us a call to arrange a private tour – and not just our listings, but any home that you’re thinking you may be interested in buying.

What Else?

Send Kyle (KyleB@KyleB-RE.com) a quick note if you know of other events we should include … thanks!