Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The West End of Hartford contains multiple Historic Districts, which include just about all the properties in the neighborhood. In addition to recognizing the architectural importance of the collection of homes, and helping protect the properties from inappropriate modifications, the Historic District designation also creates opportunities for owners. One interesting incentive is the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit. This past month I had an opportunity to sit down with Lucas Karmazinas, an independent consultant in

More on Demographics and Real Estate

Below is another article about demographics and other real estate trends that builds on the research of Arthur C. Nelson. It came to my attention after being posted by City of Hartford COO David Panagore. This continues on the themes of Mr. Condon’s piece from Sunday and our take on specific neighborhoods that may benefit from the market shifts. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get through the whole thing in the first sitting, but when

A New Home for Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and technology visionary, has a gift for designing things. People have been going bananas over Apple’s various portable devices for the past decade, and he is credited with many of their important design principles. Although gadgets are fun, we’re more about the real estate on this site. And this news piece definitely caught our attention – Steve Jobs is going to be building a new home! And the site plans are

Following Building Code

The New Haven Register recently reported that a West Haven home owner was arrested for allegedly violated building codes, illegally altering a multi-family home from a 2-family to a 3-family without city approval. This arrest comes in the wake of the recent deaths of two firefighters who were responding to a fire at a multi-family home in Bridgeport. That home was altered from a 2-family to a 3-family but public records show that Bridgeport officials