Collaborating with the GHREB

Connecticut State Capitol Building in HartfordWe enjoy writing this blog. It’s an outlet to share our knowledge with a diverse reader base, exercise some creativity, and have a conversation with the Greater Hartford community about real estate.

Lots of different people read this blog; folks curious about real estate in general, those thinking about buying or selling a home, newspaper and TV reporters, other real estate agents, and an occassional friend or relative.

Most of the feedback we get about this blog is positive. We work hard to write interesting articles and take pictures that support our topics. We are in no way trained reporters, but still feel that our product quality is useful to the masses.

Recently I had a reporter from the New York Times contact me. That was an exciting event. She read one of my market statistic blog posts and made note of Newington consistently being a Seller’s market during a good portion of 2009. She wondered why this might be the case when other bordering towns were Neutral or Buyer’s markets. We had a discussion about the town of Newington and its housing market. I gave her the name of a top agent in Newington so that she could get another perspective. The result was this nice article published in the Times last weekend. The author was kind enough to quote me and mention my blog. I really appreciated that.

Now, not everyone that reads our blog is that great about giving credit where credit is due. I’ve had instances where reporters have clearly used my market analysis information and not attributed it to me. Additionally, people take my pictures and reuse them without asking permission or citing any type of source. Not cool. We always try to give credit where credit is due and we would just ask that others do the same.

On Monday we’ll be launching a new publication which we’re excited about. It’s an extension and enhancement of the market statistics information which our audience seems to find valuable. On a quarterly basis we’re going to look at the single family home and condo data for every town in Hartford County and the County overall, providing our thoughts and market commentary.

We really hope that you enjoy our blog and learn something new every now and then. If you’d like to talk with us about anything we’ve written about, or the market in general, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to speak with you and collaborate on your projects. If you see a picture that you’d like to use, please ask us and we’ll consider your request.