Home Inspections

You should always try to attend the home inspection on the property you want to buy. It is typically a 2-3 hour walking consultation about the home. You’ll receive first hand information about the condition of the property, how the house operates, where the main shut-off valves to the utilities are located, etc. If defects are discovered, the inspector will explain possible causes and solutions whenever possible. They may be able to give you estimated


Most real estate agents I know HATE Zillow. Most consumers I know LOVE Zillow. Why the disconnect? I believe agents dislike Zillow for 3 main reasons. · Agents are afraid that consumers will gain access to information that previously only agents could access. Asymmetry of information pushed clients to agents because it was difficult to understand how houses were priced and how the real estate market worked. · Agents are afraid of what Zillow could

Why Do I Need a Building Permit?

Spring is here and you’re thinking about doing some renovations on your home. Maybe you’re having a new roof put on, a new kitchen installed, or building a new deck. You’ve heard about building permits, but do you really need to apply for one? What are the implications if you don’t? And how much do they cost? Permits are required to protect your health and safety, and the health and safety of the community where

Property Taxes

I am often asked how CT property taxes are calculated and how they may change. Here’s an explanation. In the state of CT, real estate is taxed at the municipal level. There is no property tax levied by the state. Each town estimates expenses for the upcoming year and sets the local tax rate (called the Mill Rate) that is needed to support the budget. The town generates a list of all taxable properties that

Mortgage Confusion

According to a survey recently administered by Bankrate.com, apparently 30% of US homeowners have no idea what type of mortgage they own. One of the biggest investments a person will ever make and they don’t understand the terms of the loan, or the implications of how their monthly payments will change as interest rates fluctuate. It frustrates me to know that mortgage lenders and real estate professionals took advantage of individuals that didn’t know what