Real Estate Stories of the Past Couple Weeks

There have been a number of interesting articles about real estate in the financial press over the past couple weeks. Here’s a quick wrap-up of what you may have missed while you were off for the holidays… Wall Street Journal, December 23rd: Data from the National Association of Realtors shows that Home Sales, Prices Brighten (subscription required). Though the current data is positive, the author expresses concern about “a continuing flood of foreclosures and the

Leaving West Hartford?

Yesterday the weather was perfect for a winter open house. Pretty much a spring day in February. My sellers in the West End of Hartford had some good traffic come through their homes, with lots of people seriously looking. I had some good conversations with the various buyers and I noticed an interesting trend emerging. Of the 23 groups of people that visited my open house, 8 were from West Hartford. Every one of them

Being the Bad Guy, or Maybe Not

December is usually a consultative month for me. Lots of people call to have me come over and take a look at their homes, as they’re thinking about selling in the spring. This December was no different in that respect, I received calls and went on my appointments. However, there was one major difference this year. I spent quite a bit of the time quietly feeling like a jerk. Usually when I went back to

Greater Hartford Real Estate Market Statistics- Quarter 3 2008

The wreckage from all of the bailout antics won’t show up in the real estate market statistics for a few months, but I have a feeling that the winter market is going to be starting a little early this year. How did the housing market in Greater Hartford fair in Quarter 3 of 2008? Not fantastic. Here’s the latest Single Family data pulled from the Multiple Listing Service (deemed reliable, but not guaranteed)… Observations… 1.

West Hartford Real Estate Market Report- 06.07.08

Market report time! All data is pulled from the Multiple Listing Service as of today and is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. There are currently 233 single family homes for sale in West Hartford. Here’s a graph of how the inventory breaks down. There are also 168 homes currently under contract, waiting to close. Those homes are not included in the graph above because they are no longer considered “available.” As you can see, if