Preparing for Winter?

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about winter. Nobody knows when the freezing temperatures or snow will arrive this season … it could be next week or not until next year. Night time temperatures are dropping to the point where we might need to turn the heat on soon. And don’t forget about the big snow storm we got last year at the end of October. Here are three quick maintenance

Annual Chimney Cleaning PSA

It’s time for a public service announcement for everyone that either uses their fireplaces or has an oil burning furnace – now is the time to think about scheduling your annual chimney cleaning. What, you said you don’t have your chimney cleaned every year? Fortunately, it’s never too late to start this important home maintenance activity! Burning wood or oil creates residual chemicals in the exhaust that stick to the inside of chimneys. They build

Nice Chimney!

Home inspectors almost always find something wrong with chimneys. They’re just not a part of the home that owners think about on a regular basis, so routine maintenance is often ignored. Sometimes they simply need to be cleaned, other times the outside needs repointing, and on occasion there are major structural issues. So when representing buyers, we’ll always sneak a quick peek at the outside of the chimney to see if it might lead to

Preparing the Home for Winter

With Labor Day behind us, it’s time to begin getting our home ready for winter. We probably should have done most of these things earlier, but it’s so hard to focus on preparing for the cold months when we just want to enjoy the sun. First up is the annual furnace maintenance. Just about every heating system should be serviced each year to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently. Oil and gas systems