Boiler vs. Furnace

Do you know if your house has a boiler or a furnace? Don’t be too concerned if you don’t, we find most people tend to use the word “furnace” to describe the mechanical unit that heats their home and they really have no idea whether it’s a furnace or a boiler. But wouldn’t it be nice to know the difference? And then you could use the right term the next time you’re talking to your

Goodbye Engine-less Lawnmower

June 2004: Amy and Kyle have just bought a home in Hartford, their first … it’s time for some yard work. I was very excited to have property to take care of for the first time since I worked summers during college as the maintenance guy for our Town Park back in Vermont. As you might imagine, the lawns up there are a little larger than down here in the City. The parks I maintained

Preparing the Home for Winter

With Labor Day behind us, it’s time to begin getting our home ready for winter. We probably should have done most of these things earlier, but it’s so hard to focus on preparing for the cold months when we just want to enjoy the sun. First up is the annual furnace maintenance. Just about every heating system should be serviced each year to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently. Oil and gas systems