Greater Hartford Farm Scene: Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our round-up of the Greater Hartford Farm Scene. Yesterday we focused on Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and U-Pick, which are common ways to get fresh, local, vegetables. They don’t require a commitment – you can stop in if your schedule matches up with their hours. It just takes a little bit of travel time, and perhaps some sweat, to get delicious produce for dinner and dessert. Today we’re covering

Our 2010 Vegetable Experiment

Kyle and I try to be do-it-yourselfers where we can. Lawn care, painting, small carpentry projects. You know, easy stuff that our schedule allows us to do and ones where if we screwed up we wouldn’t electrocute ourselves or flood the house. We’re getting into the warmer weather now, so it should be time for us to start planning and planting our vegetable garden. Maybe you followed our Tomato Experiment last year. It was the

Growing Fish

Here’s an interesting article about a company in Milwaukee that has set up an indoor farm to grow fish and vegetables organically and sustainably. Sweet Water Organics has put together an aquaculture system that recirculates water between the fish and veggies, with each providing nutrients for the others. They are currently raising perch, tilapia, lettuce, basil, watercress, tomatoes, peppers, chard, and spinach. The system has been built in a formerly vacant factory. We’d love to

Knox Parks' Annual Fundraising Plant Sale

As the weather gets warmer, many of us spend time puttering in the yard. Whether it’s mowing and edging, planting and mulching, or just directing others to do those things- a pretty yard makes everyone that can see it a little bit happier. This upcoming Friday and Saturday you have a great opportunity to get some wonderful plants- annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and hanging baskets- all while helping out a good cause. The Knox Parks