Getting a New Boiler

Every year we come up with a list of projects we need to carry out on our house in order to keep it properly maintained. We go through enough home inspections to know that we need to keep on top of maintenance issues so they don’t cause larger, more expensive problems down the line. This year one of our projects was going to be replacing the boiler. It’s an older gas boiler that was put

Saving a West End Home: Preparing for the Future

Note: This post continues the Saving a West End Home series. Not everything in a historic home is worth saving. Consider the furnace. Does anyone want to live in a house with a 105 year old furnace? Especially if it was completely preserved in original condition? It’s possible that someone might, but most buyers and homeowners would prefer to have a modern furnace generating their heat. Not only is it more efficient, it’s also safer.