My Saturday Showing Debacle

This past Saturday I had two showing appointments with two different clients, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning appointment went fine. The afternoon appointment was a doozy. I had called the listing agent for the house the previous day because it was a fairly expensive short sale and I wondered how involved the bank was and if it would be a quick turnaround if my client was interested and put

Refinancing Our House- Journey Completed

Like clockwork, about 45 days after our refinancing journey started, this morning it ended. We’ve officially and successfully purchased our house for the third time. You see, we bought it in 2004, refinanced in 2005 to a lower rate and refinanced again to an even lower rate and a 15-year mortgage today. The message? We must REALLY like this place. All in all, the process was pretty painless and easy. First, we had plenty of

Q&A: Homeowner's Insurance Basics

Today we’re talking about homeowner’s insurance with Victoria Mendyka of Liberty Mutual. In particular, we’re interested in learning more about how to evaluate insurance policies to make sure the coverage is appropriate for our individual properties. Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog (GHREB): Most people don’t know a lot about homeowner’s insurance. They know that they need to have it, and that it is supposed to protect them if something bad happens at their home. Let’s