How Long Does it Take to Close?

Days to Close

The amount of time between the contract date and the closing varies greatly – every situation is a little different. However, after looking at all of the single-family deals that closed in Hartford County in 2013 we can see some trends. The peak of the curve is between 35 and 55 days. This is the range that we usually see with our clients. It allows the buyer enough time to secure a mortgage, and the

I Am Not a Parasite

Dear Closing Attorney: I hadn’t met you before last Friday, but my client’s mortgage lender recommended that she use you because they have a “closed list” of attorneys they allow buyers to use. I understand this simplifies things for the bank because they can get you to follow certain processes which streamlines their operations. So she went with it. At the closing table you seemed nice enough, making the usual pleasantries and closing jokes as

Junk in Your Basement

When you bought your home, did you allow the previous owners to leave items in the basement, garage or attic of the home? When a buyer purchases a property in the Greater Hartford area, it’s supposed to be left in “broom clean condition” by the closing. That means the previous owners shouldn’t leave old paint cans, cleaning products or a host of other things behind. Often you’ll see a seller ask a buyer if it’s

Special Offers for New Homeowners

Every time a mortgage closes, marketers line up to pitch all sorts of fabulous offers and opportunities to new homeowners. Nearly all arrive via mail so they are, fortunately, easy to sort through and discard. On occasion a company will dispatch their best door-to-door salesman to pay the buyers a visit and congratulate them on their purchase – thankfully they are few and far between. The special offer bounty covers a wide spectrum. Some is

Refinancing Our House- Journey Completed

Like clockwork, about 45 days after our refinancing journey started, this morning it ended. We’ve officially and successfully purchased our house for the third time. You see, we bought it in 2004, refinanced in 2005 to a lower rate and refinanced again to an even lower rate and a 15-year mortgage today. The message? We must REALLY like this place. All in all, the process was pretty painless and easy. First, we had plenty of