Questions from the Home Buying Workshop

Last weekend I did a Home Buying Workshop at the Connecticut Convention Center in conjunction with the CT Home and Remodeling Show. It was a very interactive discussion, and attendees asked many interesting questions. Here are two questions we covered that will hopefully be relevant to a larger audience: How do I find out about open houses? There are a few places to check to find out about the open houses in the Greater Hartford

Q&A: Homeowner's Insurance Basics

Today we’re talking about homeowner’s insurance with Victoria Mendyka of Liberty Mutual. In particular, we’re interested in learning more about how to evaluate insurance policies to make sure the coverage is appropriate for our individual properties. Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog (GHREB): Most people don’t know a lot about homeowner’s insurance. They know that they need to have it, and that it is supposed to protect them if something bad happens at their home. Let’s

Q&A: Planning for a Purchase

Today we’re starting a new segment here on the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog, Q&A.  Our first conversation is with our very own Kyle Bergquist, who is a financial advisor with Conifer Investments. Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog (GHREB): With prices either stable or falling, there seems to be a fair number of young professionals looking to buy their first home.  How would you recommend folks prepare for their purchase? Kyle Bergquist:  The single most