December Contracts: Making Up For November

December single-family contracts came in at 357 for Hartford County, which was slightly higher that the number of deals that came together in November. December is traditionally the slowest month of the year, so having it outpace any other month is a bit of a surprise. We think that the usually large snow storm, which was felt through the beginning of November, worked to push some business into the year’s final month. This December also

January Listing Activity

Well that stunk. January is in the books and it seemed really slow. It takes a couple days for agents to get all their negotiated contracts into the MLS, so we still don’t know just how much slower it was than recent years. Hopefully we can get that data up by the end of the week. In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of the listings for the first month of the year. Overall, the number

Buyers + ??? = Deals

We just got back from the Tuesday broker’s open house tour in West Hartford. It’s always fun to see the new listings and talk with the other agents about what is going on in the market. One of the common themes right now seems to be that there are more buyers actively looking for homes than there are sellers. Many agents reported having trouble finding homes that their buyer clients are interested in purchasing. We