December Contracts: Making Up For November

December single-family contracts came in at 357 for Hartford County, which was slightly higher that the number of deals that came together in November. December is traditionally the slowest month of the year, so having it outpace any other month is a bit of a surprise. We think that the usually large snow storm, which was felt through the beginning of November, worked to push some business into the year’s final month. This December also

November Contracts: Winter in New England

November is traditionally the time of year when real estate activity begins to slow. We did see a modest fall-off in deals, but it was not a big surprise, and was an average of recent results. Last year November was more in line with October than December, while in 2009 it was an even larger decrease from October than we’re seeing right now. Perhaps winter arrived a little early this year in Greater Hartford; we

October Contracts: In Line With Expectations

There were 464 Hartford County single-family properties that went under contract during the month of October. Activity was closer to last year’s activity level than the 2009 level, which was influenced by a homebuyer tax credit deadline (Recall that buyers had to close by the end of November 2009, which meant getting their property under contract in October). The County remains on track to exceed 2010’s total number of contracts. We need to have 635