MDC’s Permeable Pavement Experiment

Permeable Pavement

The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) is the water utility for a number of towns in the Hartford area. They are in the middle of a massive effort called the Clean Water Project, whose goal is to reduce the amount of untreated sewage that finds its way into local rivers and streams during storms when the sanitary sewer is overwhelmed by rain water. The MDC has been doing a lot of work in the West End

Water Meter Drama

The other day someone knocked on our door during the middle of the day. I didn’t expect anyone, so I didn’t answer the door. They went away, but left this little notification for us. It was the MDC, our water company. They were asking to install a radio frequency meter on our house to monitor our usage. Hmmm. I thought we already had a radio frequency meter on our house, the little purple/blue box that

Weekend Plans: Apr 30th 2011

This Saturday, April 30th, marks the beginning of the Coltsville Vintage Baseball League season. Saturday’s doubleheader begins at 10:30 at the Hendricksen Avenue side of Colt Park in Hartford. There is no cost for parking or admission – just stop by with your lawn chair to enjoy some olde time baseball and beautiful weather. The MDC also kicks off their season this Saturday. Yes, I’m talking about the ever popular Household Hazardous Waste Collection season!

MDC Clean Water Project Update

The MDC Clean Water Project has arrived in the West End of Hartford. Over the past few weeks engineering firm Tetra Tech Rizzo has been going door-to-door to map the manner in which sewer and storm water exits individual homes. This is the first step in the process that will eventually reduce (eliminate?) the dramatic amount of untreated wastewater that flows directly into the environment. The About the Project page states that “The existing sewage

Take a Hike: MDC Reservoir #6

Fall is a great time to get outside and enjoy the cool, dry weather. Sunday evening was perfect for a walk, so we ventured out to MDC Reservoir #6 on Route 44 in West Hartford. There are miles and miles of well maintained trails for walking, hiking, and biking on MDC land right in the middle of Greater Hartford. We stayed close to the reservoir since it was getting dark, but will definitely be out