Hurricane Irene: Feeling Fortunate

The storm has passed, the skies have cleared, and the wind has died down. It is a bright and sunny Monday. Sunday morning – before the eye of the storm arrived – turned out to be the worst of the weather for Greater Hartford. That’s when the bulk of the rain came through, and the strongest wind gusts, though they did not approach hurricane strengths. The rain died out quickly as the storm moved north

MDC Clean Water Project Update

The MDC Clean Water Project has arrived in the West End of Hartford. Over the past few weeks engineering firm Tetra Tech Rizzo has been going door-to-door to map the manner in which sewer and storm water exits individual homes. This is the first step in the process that will eventually reduce (eliminate?) the dramatic amount of untreated wastewater that flows directly into the environment. The About the Project page states that “The existing sewage