Neurotic about Tomatoes

We had a very successful tomato growing season last year on our little plot of land in the West End of Hartford. Not being one who likes to take steps backwards, I geared up for another year of productive tomato plants. Kyle even made a new garden bed just for this vegetable. Our hopes were high. Three weeks ago we attended the seedling sale at Urban Oaks Organic Farm in New Britain. They have a

Exploring Old Wethersfield

If you’re headed to the Connecticut Deparment of Motor Vehicles in Wethersfield, you’ll most likely find yourself driving through a picturesque part of town known as historic Old Wethersfield. Dating back to pre-Revolutionary War times, this historic district has architectural examples from the past three centuries. There are a few museums to tour including the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum and the Wethersfield Museum, run by the Wethersfield Historical Society. You can also enjoy browsing in small shops