Property Taxes in the City of Hartford

One of the most difficult conversations that I have as a real estate agent is explaining the property tax system in the City of Hartford. Most of the time the subject comes up as I’m touring around with a buyer and trying to cover various home buying subjects as we drive from one property to the next. My client will casually ask about taxes, expecting an answer along the lines of “They’re low/high compared to

West Hartford Revaluation 2011, Part II

The other day we covered the basics of the upcoming West Hartford property revaluation. As a quick reminder, the process is underway, and new “Market Values” will be available and distributed in the October time frame. Homeowners with concerns about their number can go through the “Informal Hearing” process and appeal it beyond that if needed. Phasing In Market Values We tried to keep things simple last time, focusing on the basic revaluation process and

West Hartford Revaluation 2011

It’s time for a property revaluation in West Hartford, something the state requires towns to do every five years. Revaluations can seem scary to homeowners, and are often associated with tax increases. Hopefully the discussion that follows will help prepare you for the process, so that you understand what is happening and how you may be impacted as a West Hartford homeowner. The Big Picture Connecticut towns generate a significant portion of their revenue from

A Preview of Hartford’s 2011 Revaluation

The 2011 City of Hartford property revaluation is just around the corner, and in fact, the team at the Assessor’s office has already gotten started. Homeowners are scheduled to receive a mailing in the next few months that will help the City collect data about our properties. After that, most of the work will be done internally until the new assessed values are distributed in November of 2011. Don’t be Afraid Many property owners hear

Regionalism in CT

This Sunday’s Courant contained an excellent editorial about regionalism as a possible strategy for addressing the financial challenges our numerous local governments face. It is a very helpful piece because it not only introduces & defines the idea, but also looks at pros & cons. Finally, the article cites other US metropolitan regions that are already making strides with this strategy and articulates first steps for Greater Hartford. Town finances impact all of us (even